Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mom.

Some people argue that they have the best mother.
I am one of them.
One particular event is burned into my brain.
I was fundraising money to go on a service abroad to Ukraine
and I had to make 70 pans of cinnamon rolls.
in two days.
After the first day, I left the kitchen stressed, and in tears.
I hadn't even made a dent into what was needed to be done by the next day.
Although my mom was by my side the whole day helping,
I still said some things that I shouldn't have.
It was out of stress.
She told me to go to bed, and that I was tired.
The next morning I woke up to find my mom in the kitchen already.
She had gotten up at 5 in the morning to start making all of the dough.
Needless to say, and despite my unkind words from the previous night
she still showed a huge act of service to me
I will never forget it.

I can only hope that one day I will be like her.

Happy Mothers Day.

I love you.

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  1. What a wonderful mother you do have!! She would have to be to raise such beautiful, wonderful daughters. I look up to her and aspire to be like her.