Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my life is a movie. or even better.

love absolutely have loved the past few days. i have so much to catch up on this little blog of mine. that is what i intend to do this week. forget finals. they just stress my brain out.
oh and 80 degree weather simply put is delicious. i want to soak up every bit of it.

went on a bike ride...around mile 4 my little sister's tire popped. like the rim to the pavement is how flat that puppy was. most people would curse under their breath realizing they left their phone at home and knowing they would have to walk those miles home. but not me. we had a radio, we fed horses on the side of the road, cut through fields for short cuts and talked about how much we love summer. so bring it baby!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

its raining. its pouring.

 we had ourselves a little celebration. 
we packed some turkey and cheese, tab soda and cupcakes for the cupcake buddies,
 and head out on a great adventure. 
when we nearly left when the rain started to pour so we took shelter in a tunnel near the golf course. 
we laughed about all our memories inside the tunnel. 
you see it was known as the "make out" tunnel in high school.
we made toasts for life, past loves, present loves and the hope for love in the future.
best of all we didn't let a little rain stop us, 
because when it rains it pours, and when it's not raining its a drought..
for those of you who catch my drift.

ps. on a totally non related subject: at the beginning of the semester i specifically remember my professor giving us a giant project and saying, "don't put this project off until the end of the semester or you will break down into tears and want to pull out all your hair."....
yep i'm that kid. the one that's crying and pulling out all her hair.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

titanic. tragic..but true.

100 years ago today the titanic sank.
this weekend i went and saw it in 3D and one word. obsessed.
originally my friends and i had great ideas for this day.
a rough idea: putting ice cubes in the bathtub and seeing how long we could sit in the freezing water.
i know what you are thinking: freaks, and can i blame you?
we are quite the fans.

instead i bought a box of junior mints and popcorn.
(here is a little trick, smoosh a junior mint onto a piece of popcorn. it will rock your world).
i learned that making small talk with the theater manager has its benefits, because he gives you and your sister, vintage style mini posters and gold member 3D glasses that say titanic on the side.

be prepared to have your glasses fog up. this is the greatest love story of all time.
i kept hoping for an alternate ending, where jack lived.
instead i re-learned a valuable lesson: my heart will go on. smiley face. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

the harry potter metaphor.

it all began when the name mike used to make me cry.
so he developed the name, "he who must not be named".
then came the harry potter metaphor,  
followed by the shirts.
you may be asking yourself, what is the harry potter metaphor?
let me explain.

the once was a boy named harry potter.
voldemort, aka "he who must not be named"... tried killing harry's soul.
now voldemort left 7 deadly horcruxes.
the only way for harry to move on was to destroy everything voldemort left behind.
harry knew that one of the horcruxes was himself.
this was the first to go. 
it took a few months to regain strength.
but harry moved on. on to find the other horcruxes. so he could get rid of voldemort for forever.
pictures were deleted. notes thrown away.
with each horcrux destroyed, harry felt a little stronger.
now there is only one remaining.
harry just needs to find neville who carries the sword of gryffindor.

neville. where are you?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my dearest friend.

 we met way back in tenth grade in mr gardeners math class.
i remember thinking to myself i am going to be friends with that girl.
and we have ever since.
we have so many memories together that if we made a list of them all it would go here to the moon.

i would like to make a smallish list of some of my favorite memories:
-throwing bottles off of the wells fargo parking garage with predictions of the upcoming year
-finding the four leaf clover in the old bookstore
-jumping on the bed in our vintage night gowns on valentines day while listening to single ladies
- taking the train to boston and eating some real boston cream pie
-eating cheesecake on the dock and jumping in the lake on the last day of summer
-tagging suicide rock and watching the sunset from ensign peak
- playing fugitive with the labragory coat kid who drove like a maniac
-woodland hills cave tea party and all the burrs on the pink blanket
-walking up the river to the shire, and pulling on the leech on kelsie's leg ew!
-cremating summer
-carmel apple from the carnival carny, having it fall and get fuzzies all over it
-road kill inn, auschwitz, sock pillows, door opened, sock pillows and they mysterious phone call
- my sweet 16th birthday party in the garage
-back to school luau and being consumed by a crowd of barking boys
-making wishes on sara's roses from her wedding reception
-swimming at the beach in rhode island and hiking to the lighthouses
- the benjamin house: friday the 13th, october, full moon and midnight
-sparkelers inside the swiss family robinson treehouse
-disneyland dinner at carnation cafe at christmas
-hiking the hollywood sign
-sitting on the high school bleachers while drinking our "beer"
-s.s.c.g. homeless hideout. and then the new one.
- taking naps in central park
-seeing the metor that almost ended the world on september 11th ten years later
-sadie hawkins at maple lake where merlin spread magic dust and people fell in love
- making wishes in the wishing fountain in our favorite place: slc
- making a wish for love in that fountain time and time again
.....and watching it come true.

she took him to sadie hawkins and 6 years later he took her back to the wishing fountain and gave her a ring.

as we always say: "life doesn't get better than this".
but surprisingly it does..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a friendly game of kickball. part 3 of 3.

splittin up the teams.
team: the big booz
team: intimidators.
we want a pitcher...not a belly itcher.
gooooo granny! gooooo granny! go! go! go!
a grand slam.
gooooo papa! gooooo papa! go! go! go!
beating my dad to first base.
i would like to say that this was a friendly game of kick ball.
it definitely started out that way..and luckily ended that way..
but somewhere in the middle things got hazy.
there were a couple arguments on who was safe and who was out.
some dancing and some gamey name calling.
i am competative. i'm not going to lie.
i love winning.
but unfortunately this day the cards weren't in my hands.
the final score 6:20.
ok so we got killed. but it was the most fun i have had in quite a while.
there was however an accident that lead to a trip to the e.r.
luckily she ended up ok. just some pulled muscles.
besides the minor accident, i would say it was a perfect day for a game.

team big booz i'll take you on for a rematch.
and be ready for some panty pounding.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter day. part 2 of 3

(jelly beans+every type of candied egg).
(blue dipped chocolate malted balls make for wonderful lip stick).
(the easter bunny decided to be extra generous this year).
(sound of music while eating our chocolate goodies).
(more eggs).
(little brekk. cute hat. cute girl).

(my new bffaeae. wouldn't leave my side. literally wanted to pack him back in my suitcase).
i love easter. i love why we celebrate it. i love realizing that christmas is so we can celebrate christs birth into mortality, and that easter is celebrating his immortal life. i love knowing my redeemer lives. i love sleeping with all the little cousins who were so excited to what was inside their easter baskets. i love that they woke everyone up so early. i love the sound of music, especially fond for mr captain von trapp. i love having easter lunch underneath the slide with my little buddy. i love that the sun felt warm on my back. i love my aunties who show you how to properly eat a hot dog. i love pancake breakfasts and programs with singers and videos of the savior. i love easter egg hunts (but i dont love scratches left on my hand from bushes in which the eggs were hidden). i love games of mafia that were played and taking family pictures out by the barn.  i love my family and knowing that i can be with them for forever.

Monday, April 9, 2012

trip to boise part 1 of 3.

for easter weekend my family all went to a little place called boise.
it was especially special because all the fam came.
my family is quite on the large side. my mom has six sisters. this equals a lot of estrogen.
side note: we kept the record in tact seeing as i only have sisters as well..
 ...the boys are slightly lacking on this side of the family.

it was a quick weekend trip for a couple of us..
seeing as school and work are taking over our lives.
blast responsibility. 
there is nothing like a road trip. i could drive forever as long as i have a good song playing, a bag of cheetos, a pair of sunglasses, discussions about life going on, a movie to watch, stops to get diet coke refills, and the excitement of seeing family, 
some of which i only get to see on a yearly basis. 
what a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

two blog posts in one day??

this couldn't wait!
i got my badge that says i'm a teacher.
oh and i just got off the phone with my principal..
i am now the newest 5th grade teacher at brockbank elementary!!

young the giant.

yep i finally have put my fears behind me and went back to in the venue.
 last time i was there i saw shwayze ...and lost my identity. 
literally. someone punched the window out of my dates car, and stole my purse...
which by the way was hidden completely underneath the seat.
it was quite the scandal.
everything i owned gone. lost. 
who could do such a thing?
probably someone from the shwayze crowd. 
seriously they were sketchy at best.
luckily i was with someone who could make me laugh and forget what happened. 
and that is why we are such good friends to this day.

last night i saw young the giant with another kindred spirit. 
one who i have known for seven years now.
you know what i love about concerts?
you go thinking you love the band and leave even more obsessed.
seriously, every time i leave a concert all i can listen to for the next few weeks is that band,
and daydream about how much better it sounded live.
oh young the giant you and i had such a wonderful time last night. 
see you soon. i'll cross my fingers.