Thursday, April 12, 2012

my dearest friend.

 we met way back in tenth grade in mr gardeners math class.
i remember thinking to myself i am going to be friends with that girl.
and we have ever since.
we have so many memories together that if we made a list of them all it would go here to the moon.

i would like to make a smallish list of some of my favorite memories:
-throwing bottles off of the wells fargo parking garage with predictions of the upcoming year
-finding the four leaf clover in the old bookstore
-jumping on the bed in our vintage night gowns on valentines day while listening to single ladies
- taking the train to boston and eating some real boston cream pie
-eating cheesecake on the dock and jumping in the lake on the last day of summer
-tagging suicide rock and watching the sunset from ensign peak
- playing fugitive with the labragory coat kid who drove like a maniac
-woodland hills cave tea party and all the burrs on the pink blanket
-walking up the river to the shire, and pulling on the leech on kelsie's leg ew!
-cremating summer
-carmel apple from the carnival carny, having it fall and get fuzzies all over it
-road kill inn, auschwitz, sock pillows, door opened, sock pillows and they mysterious phone call
- my sweet 16th birthday party in the garage
-back to school luau and being consumed by a crowd of barking boys
-making wishes on sara's roses from her wedding reception
-swimming at the beach in rhode island and hiking to the lighthouses
- the benjamin house: friday the 13th, october, full moon and midnight
-sparkelers inside the swiss family robinson treehouse
-disneyland dinner at carnation cafe at christmas
-hiking the hollywood sign
-sitting on the high school bleachers while drinking our "beer"
-s.s.c.g. homeless hideout. and then the new one.
- taking naps in central park
-seeing the metor that almost ended the world on september 11th ten years later
-sadie hawkins at maple lake where merlin spread magic dust and people fell in love
- making wishes in the wishing fountain in our favorite place: slc
- making a wish for love in that fountain time and time again
.....and watching it come true.

she took him to sadie hawkins and 6 years later he took her back to the wishing fountain and gave her a ring.

as we always say: "life doesn't get better than this".
but surprisingly it does..


  1. so so so so so cute!


  2. Awww Kylie Jo Haws, I just saw this at work and it just brightened up my day and nearly made me cry! We're the best of friends with the best of memories (with so many more to come!) And as one of our favorite actors once said, we'll be friends "through rain or shine... hell or high water!" haha

  3. i want to be real life friends with the two of you someday.