Saturday, September 24, 2011

just what the doctor ordered.

i know i mentioned before that school has been stressful. 
did i mention that i need to take crazy pills? 
nooo. i think that is why the weekend was invented, without it i think i may turn gray 30 years too early, or i may just loose all my hair completely. 
all i know is that this past weekend was definitely needed.
i am currently developing a new hobby, learning french...c'est vrai (it's true). 
with the help of hide this french phrase book, the rosetta stone and plenty of french toast i think i am making quite the progress. 
and after spending time at the book store, nothing gets better than watching the philadelphia story with cary grant and katherine hepburn and james stewart on the balcony, accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa and christmas lights. 
yesss after a weekend like that all i can say is thank goodness another week has passed and it's finally here again.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a fund raiser.

so once upon a time i was supposed to go to new zealand this summer to visit my kindred spirit, and then i ran out of money. gooooo figure. so now it begins again. all i need is 1,840 dollars, by christmas. a prestigious goal i know, but i'm optimistic. i have brainstormed a few ideas to make this dream a reality and they are as follows:
- bake sale (i am thinking cinnamon rolls, but then again i should probably have a successful attempt at baking these first).
- singing on the streets of salt lake city (uhhh did i mention i may or may not be tone deaf).
- kool-aid stand (it worked when i was a kid...).
- or perhaps just asking 1,840 people for a dollar....

well all i can say is i better get cracking with the way time seems to be flying christmas will be here before i know it.

psssss. this semester is so stressful i think my love for diet coke has turned into an addiction. 
thanks mcdonalds for the .98 cent cup of cheer.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4-3-2-1 take off.

" we all have our time machines, some take us back, they're called memories, some take us forward they're called dreams."

today was one of those days, the ones where i didn't want to get out of bed and instead of eating a nutritious breakfast i stopped at yogurtland and had ice cream, although i did put strawberries on top. i didn't feel like brushing my hair and i wore my tiger t-shirt- a sure sign of one of those days.
i reminisced old memories like the times we laid on the trampoline laughing so hard that we were all in tears and our cheeks were sore, not knowing that in a year everything would be different. or the time we made wishes on sara's roses at her wedding reception.
and after thinking about the past i started to daydream about the future. i tried (unsuccessfully) not to to think of what i was doing last year at this time and tried to remember that we had met for a reason...blah growing up is probably the worst. probably.

after listening to this song a gazillion times i came to the conclusion that i am in need of this time machine. the one we built because we thought time was going too fast. the one that ran completely on bubbles and the one where you had to wear an aluminum foil hat to protect yourself from aliens.
yes i think that sounds right nice.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the life of a vampire.

okay so maybe i dont drink blood.
maybe i'm not allergic to garlic,
and maybe i dont wear a black cloak on a daily basis..
but i did spend the entire summer working the graveyard shift at ... wait for it...
the mental hospital.
yes that right i stayed awake all night and slept all day (at least this year i have a legitimate reason for not having a nice bronzy tan). 

I did meet a friend (staff not patient) who happened to be my fellow vampire. and so for a few months i lived a peculiar lifestyle. 
-hikes to caves: 3 a.m.
- ice blocking: 2 a.m.
- parfaits and hummus picnics: 4 a.m.
- drinking naked juice under a favorite tree: 3a.m.
-star gazing instead of sun tanning 2 a.m.

i finished my graveyard shift this week. i moved to afternoons. its most definitely for the best, for a number of reasons. i found myself again, in a number of reasons. i am glad that my life has flip flopped again back to the normal side. now i just need to learn how to control my stress. its only been one week of school and it will be a miracle if my hair isn't completely white by the end of the semester.

p.s. high five to the m's (which only one person on this planet will understand) because she is channeling into the witches (and again only she will know what that means).