Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4-3-2-1 take off.

" we all have our time machines, some take us back, they're called memories, some take us forward they're called dreams."

today was one of those days, the ones where i didn't want to get out of bed and instead of eating a nutritious breakfast i stopped at yogurtland and had ice cream, although i did put strawberries on top. i didn't feel like brushing my hair and i wore my tiger t-shirt- a sure sign of one of those days.
i reminisced old memories like the times we laid on the trampoline laughing so hard that we were all in tears and our cheeks were sore, not knowing that in a year everything would be different. or the time we made wishes on sara's roses at her wedding reception.
and after thinking about the past i started to daydream about the future. i tried (unsuccessfully) not to to think of what i was doing last year at this time and tried to remember that we had met for a reason...blah growing up is probably the worst. probably.

after listening to this song a gazillion times i came to the conclusion that i am in need of this time machine. the one we built because we thought time was going too fast. the one that ran completely on bubbles and the one where you had to wear an aluminum foil hat to protect yourself from aliens.
yes i think that sounds right nice.

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  1. ice cream for breakfast? best breakfast meal everrr! and bon iver/fleet foxes. thursday, september 15th in phoenix arizona. make it happen girl. best concert of the year. actually, best concert of my life probably.