Thursday, October 27, 2011

the great pumpkin.

 pumpkin carving has always been taken very seriously at my house.
you may spend the whole day brainstorming the perfect idea,
when you live with a family of artists this is bound to happen.
(side-note: living with a family of artists isn't easy. every year a terribly mean person goes around the neighborhood and smashes the ugliest pumpkin on the doorstep. for the past three consecutive years mine was the sad one to die. but i have a feeling that this is the year it is all about to change).
you see, take a look at figure 1.
i think i have redeemed myself this year. all thanks to someone with special talent.
thanks m.
for being my co-captain carving partner this year...
and for finding the perfect pumpkin patch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

let it fall.

i think i have always known how much i love fall, 
but sometimes i even surprise myself.
can i just make one simple suggestion?
please take your best friend, and drive up the canyon to admire the different colors.
please fall in love with the golden leaves that sparkle
and all the initials that are carved on the trees.
please daydream about the day when you go back up the canyon with someone special and carve your own initials on a tree.
please pack up fifty blankets and park on the side of the road when you have found the perfect spot.
please bring a homemade apple pie with baguettes and jelly.... 
(ok so maybe the pie wasn't homemade)  but
please warm up with a nice bowl of chili and don't forget to make toasts with your cream soda.
please remember that although somethings are bound to change others never will.
please also remember that life doesn't get better than this.

Friday, October 21, 2011

to the witches.

last year i found a place where all of my kindred spirits gather. 
it's a little place i would like to call gardner village, witches night out!
for some reason or another, kels, sara and i are known as witches.
good witches.
not wicked witches.
this may seem strange, and to be honest i have no idea where the nickname came from,
but it is a good thing, because we can dress up all in black, and striped tights. 
we can make witches brews and "channel into the witches."
but the best thing i can think of is we can attend a special party and eat soup that's enough to knock your socks off, dance the night away and practice our cackles.

Friday, October 14, 2011

ring pops and pop rocks.

go byu?
i never thought the day would come when this would be painted on my face.
probably because my heart lies with the university of utah.
probably because i love salt lake so much.
but it just so happens that i do enjoy a good byu game now and again.
and it just so happens that i finally understand what a safety is,
and i now know who heaps and nelson are.
i must say that ring pops and pop rocks at a game are marvelous,
and who doesn't like doing the wave in a really big crowd?
if you ask me football isn't half bad.
and i think my dad would be really proud that i just said that.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


i have been missing in action for a bit.
i don't know if you knew but this fall i became a secret agent. 
true story. 
i started dressing in black and ran across university avenue for a free donut. 
here is the video for proof.
anyways i met my new best friends this semester.
you know what they say when one door closes another four open.
these are the kind of friends who make you jump off a dock..
.....into a your dress.....
when its 39 degrees outside.
these are the types of friends who you buy 36 cupcakes and four boxes of pizza with,
who you pitch a tent up the canyon to celebrate the first unofficial day of fall with, 
listen to christmas music four months early with, 
and finger paint fight with.
these are the friends who you stay up til 6 o clock in the morning and don't regret it with.
thank goodness it is finally fall and i have so more many more memories to look forward to .