Wednesday, October 26, 2011

let it fall.

i think i have always known how much i love fall, 
but sometimes i even surprise myself.
can i just make one simple suggestion?
please take your best friend, and drive up the canyon to admire the different colors.
please fall in love with the golden leaves that sparkle
and all the initials that are carved on the trees.
please daydream about the day when you go back up the canyon with someone special and carve your own initials on a tree.
please pack up fifty blankets and park on the side of the road when you have found the perfect spot.
please bring a homemade apple pie with baguettes and jelly.... 
(ok so maybe the pie wasn't homemade)  but
please warm up with a nice bowl of chili and don't forget to make toasts with your cream soda.
please remember that although somethings are bound to change others never will.
please also remember that life doesn't get better than this.

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