Sunday, July 15, 2012

a weekend trip to star valley.

both of my parents are from a place called star valley wyoming.
when i was younger, i used to spend a great portion of my summer there, 
listening to country music and catching frogs, 
you know the good stuff you wish you could do all the time. 
if only you were a cowboy.
since i have grown up i haven't been up there as much as i would like.
sometimes responsibility wins. sometimes a lot.
this past weekend i had the chance for a quick trip and no way i was about to pass it up. we crammed every day with all the must do's. we all sat in the back of the beater pickup truck, got ice cream cones and drove up through strawberry canyon. we dangled our legs off of the back and drug sticks into the dirt while singing adele's someone like you. you know what is pretty surprising... we actually knew every single word. it's pretty hard to sing a song from start to finish. don't judge me that the only two songs we all could sing from start to finish were adele and justin bieber's baby baby. 
when we got up the canyon we walked the pipe back down. my dad told us the story of the haunted woman who walks the pipe at night. i wanted to go back later and find her, but that had to be postponed until next time. we went swimming and saw the bar jay wranglers over a chuck wagon dinner. we went four wheeling until our hands reeked like gasoline and my thumb hurt from pushing the gas. we ate at the drive inn my mom used to hop cars at and we drove past the fields that my dad would change the irrigation pipes at...which happens to be the grounds for the new temple site. one of my favorite parts was finding my mom's old wedding dress. i loved it puffy sleeves and all.

dear star valley: i miss you
sincerely: kylie jo.