Thursday, October 27, 2011

the great pumpkin.

 pumpkin carving has always been taken very seriously at my house.
you may spend the whole day brainstorming the perfect idea,
when you live with a family of artists this is bound to happen.
(side-note: living with a family of artists isn't easy. every year a terribly mean person goes around the neighborhood and smashes the ugliest pumpkin on the doorstep. for the past three consecutive years mine was the sad one to die. but i have a feeling that this is the year it is all about to change).
you see, take a look at figure 1.
i think i have redeemed myself this year. all thanks to someone with special talent.
thanks m.
for being my co-captain carving partner this year...
and for finding the perfect pumpkin patch.


  1. Ky,
    This Pumpkin is SO cute!! I love it! I don't think anyone will smash your pumpkin this year:) I LOVE IT!!!
    Love B

  2. Oh my. Who is M? I want to know all about this! (Cutest pumpkin ever!)