Saturday, October 8, 2011


i have been missing in action for a bit.
i don't know if you knew but this fall i became a secret agent. 
true story. 
i started dressing in black and ran across university avenue for a free donut. 
here is the video for proof.
anyways i met my new best friends this semester.
you know what they say when one door closes another four open.
these are the kind of friends who make you jump off a dock..
.....into a your dress.....
when its 39 degrees outside.
these are the types of friends who you buy 36 cupcakes and four boxes of pizza with,
who you pitch a tent up the canyon to celebrate the first unofficial day of fall with, 
listen to christmas music four months early with, 
and finger paint fight with.
these are the friends who you stay up til 6 o clock in the morning and don't regret it with.
thank goodness it is finally fall and i have so more many more memories to look forward to .


  1. This melted my heart for some reason. Apparently I'm wayyy too sentimental, but is it too much to say it's fate that we happened to meet them? I love them all. Even Jake! haha and LOVE you!

  2. I take this comment back completely and totally 100% times a million. I TAKE IT BACK!