Saturday, September 24, 2011

just what the doctor ordered.

i know i mentioned before that school has been stressful. 
did i mention that i need to take crazy pills? 
nooo. i think that is why the weekend was invented, without it i think i may turn gray 30 years too early, or i may just loose all my hair completely. 
all i know is that this past weekend was definitely needed.
i am currently developing a new hobby, learning french...c'est vrai (it's true). 
with the help of hide this french phrase book, the rosetta stone and plenty of french toast i think i am making quite the progress. 
and after spending time at the book store, nothing gets better than watching the philadelphia story with cary grant and katherine hepburn and james stewart on the balcony, accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa and christmas lights. 
yesss after a weekend like that all i can say is thank goodness another week has passed and it's finally here again.

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