Thursday, September 15, 2011

a fund raiser.

so once upon a time i was supposed to go to new zealand this summer to visit my kindred spirit, and then i ran out of money. gooooo figure. so now it begins again. all i need is 1,840 dollars, by christmas. a prestigious goal i know, but i'm optimistic. i have brainstormed a few ideas to make this dream a reality and they are as follows:
- bake sale (i am thinking cinnamon rolls, but then again i should probably have a successful attempt at baking these first).
- singing on the streets of salt lake city (uhhh did i mention i may or may not be tone deaf).
- kool-aid stand (it worked when i was a kid...).
- or perhaps just asking 1,840 people for a dollar....

well all i can say is i better get cracking with the way time seems to be flying christmas will be here before i know it.

psssss. this semester is so stressful i think my love for diet coke has turned into an addiction. 
thanks mcdonalds for the .98 cent cup of cheer.

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