Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the life of a vampire.

okay so maybe i dont drink blood.
maybe i'm not allergic to garlic,
and maybe i dont wear a black cloak on a daily basis..
but i did spend the entire summer working the graveyard shift at ... wait for it...
the mental hospital.
yes that right i stayed awake all night and slept all day (at least this year i have a legitimate reason for not having a nice bronzy tan). 

I did meet a friend (staff not patient) who happened to be my fellow vampire. and so for a few months i lived a peculiar lifestyle. 
-hikes to caves: 3 a.m.
- ice blocking: 2 a.m.
- parfaits and hummus picnics: 4 a.m.
- drinking naked juice under a favorite tree: 3a.m.
-star gazing instead of sun tanning 2 a.m.

i finished my graveyard shift this week. i moved to afternoons. its most definitely for the best, for a number of reasons. i found myself again, in a number of reasons. i am glad that my life has flip flopped again back to the normal side. now i just need to learn how to control my stress. its only been one week of school and it will be a miracle if my hair isn't completely white by the end of the semester.

p.s. high five to the m's (which only one person on this planet will understand) because she is channeling into the witches (and again only she will know what that means).

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  1. high five to the m's - high five to the w/c/j in 2 months (hopefully!) too! haha channel into the witches!