Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a friendly game of kickball. part 3 of 3.

splittin up the teams.
team: the big booz
team: intimidators.
we want a pitcher...not a belly itcher.
gooooo granny! gooooo granny! go! go! go!
a grand slam.
gooooo papa! gooooo papa! go! go! go!
beating my dad to first base.
i would like to say that this was a friendly game of kick ball.
it definitely started out that way..and luckily ended that way..
but somewhere in the middle things got hazy.
there were a couple arguments on who was safe and who was out.
some dancing and some gamey name calling.
i am competative. i'm not going to lie.
i love winning.
but unfortunately this day the cards weren't in my hands.
the final score 6:20.
ok so we got killed. but it was the most fun i have had in quite a while.
there was however an accident that lead to a trip to the e.r.
luckily she ended up ok. just some pulled muscles.
besides the minor accident, i would say it was a perfect day for a game.

team big booz i'll take you on for a rematch.
and be ready for some panty pounding.

1 comment:

  1. May I mention that although we got our britches STOMPED, WE are the team who sent an opponent to the hospital!! Go INTIMIDATORS!! POUND PANTIES!!