Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter day. part 2 of 3

(jelly beans+every type of candied egg).
(blue dipped chocolate malted balls make for wonderful lip stick).
(the easter bunny decided to be extra generous this year).
(sound of music while eating our chocolate goodies).
(more eggs).
(little brekk. cute hat. cute girl).

(my new bffaeae. wouldn't leave my side. literally wanted to pack him back in my suitcase).
i love easter. i love why we celebrate it. i love realizing that christmas is so we can celebrate christs birth into mortality, and that easter is celebrating his immortal life. i love knowing my redeemer lives. i love sleeping with all the little cousins who were so excited to what was inside their easter baskets. i love that they woke everyone up so early. i love the sound of music, especially fond for mr captain von trapp. i love having easter lunch underneath the slide with my little buddy. i love that the sun felt warm on my back. i love my aunties who show you how to properly eat a hot dog. i love pancake breakfasts and programs with singers and videos of the savior. i love easter egg hunts (but i dont love scratches left on my hand from bushes in which the eggs were hidden). i love games of mafia that were played and taking family pictures out by the barn.  i love my family and knowing that i can be with them for forever.

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  1. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! I am still laughing about the Hot Dog. Someone will be happy I showed you how to do that (someday) ;) Love you Kylie, I agree that we have the most amazing family!