Monday, April 9, 2012

trip to boise part 1 of 3.

for easter weekend my family all went to a little place called boise.
it was especially special because all the fam came.
my family is quite on the large side. my mom has six sisters. this equals a lot of estrogen.
side note: we kept the record in tact seeing as i only have sisters as well..
 ...the boys are slightly lacking on this side of the family.

it was a quick weekend trip for a couple of us..
seeing as school and work are taking over our lives.
blast responsibility. 
there is nothing like a road trip. i could drive forever as long as i have a good song playing, a bag of cheetos, a pair of sunglasses, discussions about life going on, a movie to watch, stops to get diet coke refills, and the excitement of seeing family, 
some of which i only get to see on a yearly basis. 
what a wonderful weekend.

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