Wednesday, April 4, 2012

young the giant.

yep i finally have put my fears behind me and went back to in the venue.
 last time i was there i saw shwayze ...and lost my identity. 
literally. someone punched the window out of my dates car, and stole my purse...
which by the way was hidden completely underneath the seat.
it was quite the scandal.
everything i owned gone. lost. 
who could do such a thing?
probably someone from the shwayze crowd. 
seriously they were sketchy at best.
luckily i was with someone who could make me laugh and forget what happened. 
and that is why we are such good friends to this day.

last night i saw young the giant with another kindred spirit. 
one who i have known for seven years now.
you know what i love about concerts?
you go thinking you love the band and leave even more obsessed.
seriously, every time i leave a concert all i can listen to for the next few weeks is that band,
and daydream about how much better it sounded live.
oh young the giant you and i had such a wonderful time last night. 
see you soon. i'll cross my fingers.

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  1. hoooray for live music! i know that feeling. the one where you go in thinking you can't walk out loving a band any more than you already to but it happens every single time. live music does that to you.