Thursday, April 19, 2012

its raining. its pouring.

 we had ourselves a little celebration. 
we packed some turkey and cheese, tab soda and cupcakes for the cupcake buddies,
 and head out on a great adventure. 
when we nearly left when the rain started to pour so we took shelter in a tunnel near the golf course. 
we laughed about all our memories inside the tunnel. 
you see it was known as the "make out" tunnel in high school.
we made toasts for life, past loves, present loves and the hope for love in the future.
best of all we didn't let a little rain stop us, 
because when it rains it pours, and when it's not raining its a drought..
for those of you who catch my drift.

ps. on a totally non related subject: at the beginning of the semester i specifically remember my professor giving us a giant project and saying, "don't put this project off until the end of the semester or you will break down into tears and want to pull out all your hair."....
yep i'm that kid. the one that's crying and pulling out all her hair.


  1. my 3 favorite girls!

  2. All droughts eventually come to an end (if you catch my drift)... Before ya know it, it'll be pouring again! By the way, I always did love the smell of rain:)