Sunday, December 11, 2011

i'm a winner.

so i am not a fan of pizza.
once a year type of thing. judge away. call me a non american. i cant help it.
that was all until i discovered margarita pizza.
something about the "real italian" makes it so much better.
i met my mom for lunch at terra mia, where we could order some "real italian" when we were asked to fill out a card that read.

"circle your best guess for each wining NCAA football team, get all five games correct and win a free pizza."

now i know i mentioned it before but football is not my forte. at all.
i don't even know what NCAA stands for.
but non the less i filled out the form and forgot about it.
until a four days later.

yes i am the winner of a free margarita pizza.
and yes i will brag about it all day, even if it was just pure luck.

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