Monday, January 16, 2012

art art art art art art.

my dad is an artist. 
for disney. i like to brag about that.
when i was younger, my dad bought me a sketchbook and told me if i filled the sketchbook up with drawings, that he would pay me twenty dollars and buy me a new sketchbook.
he would also give art lessons to my sister and i, teaching techniques of drawing.
she is now an artist.
i on the other hand, never even filled my first sketchbook. 
in fact i found it the other day, hidden in a cardboard box  down in the basement.
it brought me to tears from laughing so hard (secret confession session:i used to be obsessed with clay aiken. and yes there was a deformed drawing of clay aiken in the sketchbook. thank goodness for growing up).
anyways. i still have a love for creating art. 
no it is not the drawing or painting kind of art, more like the hands on kind. 
the abstract kind.
so give me a saturday, my sister, craft books (sorry for the title of the books), pintrest, a box of 96 crayola crayons and blow-dryer and i will give you an abstract piece of art.
pretty sure i plan on hanging this up in a future classroom of mine.

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  1. Love the crayon art, I have been wanting to try that for ages!