Monday, January 9, 2012

attitude of gratitude.

 when reflecting back on the past year i can't help but to let out a big sigh of relief. literally i sigh that it's over. it was a really difficult year for me. i felt like i lost so many things: love, two best friends (in a figurative way), one in a literal way, a job that meant the world to me, my health (mono), and my identity (when my entire purse was stolen). i learned to never say that at least things can't get worse than this, because some how when those words escaped my lips i immediately regretted them. but i also learned how strong of a testimony i have. i learned that i can do hard things and to have faith in His plan for me. so because i am a better, stronger, million bucks kind of girl, i would like to list eleven things that happened in the twenty eleventh year that i will never forget. and i owe it to this past year for growing up because it was the year that changed everything.
     * the month of april where cracker barrel was on speed dial and i sat in bed with my bffaeae, because i couldn't muster the courage to face to world.
     * "the brownies." haha this is most definitely not what you are thinking.
     * two girls carrying the following: a raft, two oars, 24" of turkey and cheese, two novels, a radio, firewood, marshmallows, blankets, two energy drinks, two bottles of water, chips and salsa, and lip gloss, 2 miles up hill to go to none other than ...THE maple lake. this is also known as the day we became mountain women.
     * seeing the fleet foxes in concert. please marry me. please please please.
     * running around the secret hideout with sparklers yelling, expelliarmus!
     * climbing a water tower that over looks utah county,  counting 12 shooting stars, reading a box of fortune cookies and wink wink.
     * diet coke runs after a hard workout at the gym
     * the fourth of july that was spent at a baseball game (according to wes: this is the day the beast was unleashed and the cocoon was destroyed) and that makes my cheeks hurt from smiling.
     * spending the day in my swimming suit, laying on the back of the boat while listening to this song.
     * a hike up to the grotto that left white shorts muddy and shoes that cost 39.95 down the drain.
     * and last but not least and probably the most important: a realization that although things change, life is only going to get better. based on my fortune happier days are definitely ahead and this time i have no doubt that 2012 is going to bring just that.


  1. Did this just make me cry? Yes this just made me cry. My heart maybe even hurts because it's so bittersweet all at once. I think you are an amazing woman Kylie Jo Haws, some might even say you're "a million bucks." I think so.

  2. kylie you are a million bucks.
    2012 better fit me in there somewhere.
    i love you.

  3. Love it Kylie =) Thanks for sharing! Love you mucho =)

  4. Ky you're more than a million bucks...You're Priceless!!! Nothing like a fresh start and a clean slate (I predict a great year). Here's to you and 2012!