Saturday, January 7, 2012

strike out.

well i once heard a quote saying that you are good at the things you love.
although i love bowling, i wouldn't go as far as saying i am good at it.
98 isn't that great of a score.
(98= the total of two games).
ok, so i'm terrible, but i still love it.
i was able to get lots of tips from friends who happen to bowl a lot better than me.
a bowler, who throws it fast.
a bowler who just drops it and still manages to get strikes and spares.
a bowler who looks at the arrows.
a bowler who looks at the pins.
and a bowler who owns his own bowling ball, that is scented like black cherry.
with all of the advice i did manage to get one strike.
otherwise you may say that i "striked out".

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