Wednesday, February 29, 2012

heart felt.

today was such a beautiful day.
i spent a good portion of it at the temple.
i have been a little (or a lot) stressed with my TO DO list that is basically doubling in size on a daily basis. i just needed a few hours to contemplate life, and make sure i am headed in the right direction. i needed to be reminded that god is aware of me.
he didn't forget. he won't ever forget.

there is a quote by president uchtdorf that says,
"if your heart is inclined towards god, he will be able to guide you even though you may not see what is ahead of you."

and then i had this epiphany:
heavenly father has given me difficult experiences to mold my heart,
so that it will learn to trust him, and want the things he wants.
so that later in life when i am making difficult decisions i will be able to trust my heart.

the future may be uncertain. but i am certain that life is brief. opportunities come and then they are gone. i was presented with an amazing opportunity that will help define me. i am no longer worried. and that is why the temple is so great, you enter with the worries of the world and leave with peace.

i love the temple.

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