Thursday, March 29, 2012

another week has passed.

do you know what i consider a blessing? 

i consider it a blessing that a year has passed since what we refer to now as "the d day." yes that was this weekend. when he called the wedding off, i couldn't picture one minute without him, let alone an entire year. it was impossible to picture what my life was going to look like in a years time. i was so worried that time was going to pass slowly because i was sad. i consider it a blessing that the opposite has occurred. time seems to fly by. i used to cry a lot. now just every once in a while. i finally stopped counting the days since the incident. i consider it a blessing that i have friends who understand why i hate walking out of barnes and nobles and looking across the street to see michaels craft and peterson medical supply. i hate those stores. i am glad to have friends who know that the plain white t's suck and the first unofficial day of fall is now destined to be doomed. i consider it a blessing to have a family who is supportive and loving. i am grateful for the diet coke and ice cream runs with talks that will never be forgotten. i consider it a blessing to have a knowledge of the atonement. i am grateful for the book infinite atonement. i have such a better understanding of my Savior and His sacrifice. sometimes at night i just sit and ponder about what Christ must have went through, because of His love for me. i am grateful that He is the only one who really knows how i feel. 

i consider it a blessing that life goes on.


  1. Isn't it so wonderful to see where your life takes you? Those times when you think you can't move on and life is as bad as it can possibly get and somehow life goes on. The pain gets a little less. It's always there but not as strong. I'm so proud of you Kylie. You have a wonderful life in store for you. The person who gets you forever is going to be one lucky guy! And I'm not just saying that. I mean EVERY word!

  2. oh my dear sweet lovely kylie, this post is wonderful, as are you. you've grown infinitely, and i'm so grateful we were able to spend so much of all sorts of days (good and bad) this past year together. life goes on, and it is a blessing! a wonderful blessing! you have wonderful things in store for you! love you love you!

  3. kylie you are absolutely amazing.

    one year is GONE!!! hallelujah.

    bright future ahead.