Wednesday, May 9, 2012

grandma turns 75.

grandma haws.
she is one of the few people who actually read my blog, and she recently turned 75.
 my family is from a little place called star valley wyoming.
when i went to grandma's house we would:
walk to pipe, have picnics in the backyard under the big oak tree with her pretty china, eat honeysuckle plants, play croquet, wake up to to sour dough waffles and dutch honey syrup, play the piano, read stories (jillian jigs is a personal favorite), make pigs out of socks after reading the book, play dominoes, climb down the laundry shoot, go to the one theater in town that played only one movie at one showtime, ride really old bikes, sled down the giant hill by the cemetery, fish only to catch a log, go to the fair and eat cotton candy..

the list is endless. i have so many memories of my grandma.
she is the person you would go to if you needed a lesson in knitting.
she made me a raggedy anne doll with a special stitched heart.
she has served multiple missions with my grandpa.
she would send me letters with zebra striped gum because she knew it was my favorite.
she is an amazing cook and mother.
trust me she raised 7 kids, 6 of them being boys.
 and you have to try her christmas candy.

it was so great to have all the family down to celebrate her birthday. i won't ever forget the tearful toast grandpa gave, and i won't ever forget how special grandma always makes me feel.


  1. i love your gradma already!

  2. LOVE her... such a wonderful mother and grandmother!

  3. Awesome tribute Kylie!! She is such a wonderful person =)