Sunday, May 20, 2012


 today i am craving a: chocolate banana marshmallow cookie dough shake from a stand in a little town called mona. i realize that three bites of this shake will probably end up giving you a heart attack, but its a risk i am definitely willing to make.

today i thought for three seconds about cutting my hair, because i saw a girl at church who pulled off a lovely pixie cut. but then i remembered the halloween where i wore a short wig, and looked like a boy. and ugly one at that.

today i watched life in a day. the documentary youtube put together of footage they collected from 200 countries. i decided i want to be a vegetarian again after seeing the cow shot twice and then decapitated. if i close my eyes tight enough i can still see it, which is rather disturbing.

today i watched the solar eclipse. my dad bought these specialty viewers from the planetarium a week ago, and lets be honest it was pretty dang awesome. won't be seeing that again for another twenty years.

today i started reading the book theif again for the second time. once wasn't enough.

also, i can't stop listening to: abba, supertrooper.
suprised? so am i.


  1. i dont know if you ever knew this, but i listened to abba religously in the seventh grade. judge away.

  2. Deidre and I use to listen to Abba while we were suppose to be cleaning our room. Dancing Queens we were as we twirled around the bed with twirly skirts on. We LOVED it. =)