Tuesday, January 3, 2017

snow day.

When I was a kid, there was nothing more magical than snow. I still believe in the magic of snow, it just ends when December is over. I think it's the cold. Or the wet icy roads. Or the smell that 6th graders create after recess when it's snowy. All bad things. But there is something about watching your child play in the snow for the first time. When she first saw snow falling she pointed and yelled, "Elsa!" (we watch Frozen on the daily over here). I loved watching her waddle around, only  taking two steps until she fell down. My little Scamper the penguin. Walking in boots is a hard task. She liked eating the snow, but loved wiping it off my car. It was like she was my own personal snow scraper. It could have entertained her for hours. And watching her could entertain me for hours.
I guess Harper helped me realize that the magic of snow is here to stay.

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