Friday, August 26, 2011

berrrr lake.

every summer my family goes to a beach house that is on the shoreline of bear lake along with some family friends. this year was no different. 
i think i was made to wear only my swimming suit for days on end, and to not ever have to brush my hair.
there are a lot of things that make this trip rather exciting:
playing card games late into the night, i think i am the new pro at skipbo
strawberry marshmallow smores? a new personal fav.
many attempts at water skiing and finally getting up.
le beau's famous raspberry shakes.
oh and i also sat on a bee, and yes my bum bum did get stung. it really hurt actually luckily we played water volleyball right after so it helped cool it down.

despite the fact that i did manage to get a sunburn on my face, silly me forgetting sunscreen. i would say that this is a perfect way to bring summer to a close.

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  1. strawberry marhmallow s'mores? what the yum?!