Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i think it all began with the letter b.

today i built the world's largest sidewalk chalk mural on the side of the road. 
today i made newspaper boats and floated them down the riverside (side note: kelsie's would rather sink than swim and kylie's went far far away).
today i ate wendy's in a baseball dugout and watched the sunset.
today i wrote secret wishes to the world on balloons and let them go.
today i drank a blickenstaff soda under my favorite tree.
today i spent with my best friend.


  1. best friends for LIFE.

    lovvvve you and can't wait to seee you to officially end summer with our summer cremation :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is the coolest sidewalk chalk mural I have seen.
    I was just looking at a GIANT bucket of chalk on sale thinking
    that I really really wanted to create a mural. Lets do this again soon.
    Luna misses her buddies too. The ones at school weren't cutting it.
    I miss you guys!!! I get home late tonight. LET'S RIDE!!!!!!!