Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ode to friendship.

there is a new friend who likes to go to the riverwoods to get bajios for our special picnics, her name is Luna the Legacy. yes sara anne finally bought a bike so we now have:

Thelma the Raptor

Eleanor the Unicorn

and Luna the Legacy.

i witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets that made me feel like my life is a painting and i am a movie star. i think heavenly father must have said that i was going to have such a good life, and i was going to share so many great memories and experiences with two girls who are my kindred spirits.
and after high school we would all leave to different places.
i would go to ukraine,
kels went to hawaii,
and sara would attend byu,
but our friendship wouldn't change.
actually it would change,
it would change in the fact that we would become like family instead of friends,
and they would know every secret of my life and i would know theirs.
and we would help each other grow both up and in a spiritual sense.
and i would know that goodbyes are more like farewells because there will never ever be a goodbye.
and i can finally be my true self.
yes heavenly father has blessed me with the best of friends because he knew that to get through life and the stress that come with it i would need them right by my side.
i am a very blessed person.


  1. not only do i love your bike, but your outfit and hair too.