Monday, August 22, 2011

meet my new bffaeae.

 so once upon a time (this story takes place about a year ago) finals were coming to an end and in order to fully celebrate kelsie and i decided to order some beach cruisers online. they came in giant cardboard boxes and instructions of how to build and assemble these little beauties.
now i would like to say that i completely build mine on my own, but instead to get a clear image, imagine me sitting holding a wrench and wearing safety goggles pretending like i was doing something while watching heaston assemble basically the entire thing. right? i am pretty sure that is how it went. although i did tighten the last bolt and i think that is why i have such a deep connection with my bike.
behold i give you ELEANOR the UNICORN and THELMA the RAPTOR.

and so it began the summer of the beach cruiser bikes.
now fast forward one year later. eleanor is still my bffaeae (best friend forever and ever and ever) and now i cant picture summer ever being summer without her.
dear eleanor the unicorn you are my better than a boyfriend bike.


  1. the day i own a beach cruiser will be the happiest day ever. can i join the lovely bike gang of yours?

  2. Oh my gosh please please please do. Fall is coming what do you say, tights, scarves, and bike??