Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday dinner and lessons learned.

above are figures A, B, and C. 
i know i have previously mentioned the "month of april," and now everyone has a mental picture of what that entails. 
now just insert two girls, with high ponytails, and sweats. 
oh did i mention that there was a clever twist at church today so an afternoon like this was very much needed. 
there is something that is so rewarding from eating your very own personal turkey and watching 90's romance comedies slash the bachelor all day. 
oh and here are a few lessons we were enlightened with today:
*we will never be naomi reid davis.
*our real kindred spirits are the people we met in the tenth grade, thank goodness because being replaced doesn't feel too good.
*you can't fall in love with someone that you, and 15 other girls shared a conversation with. please don't cry that you didn't get a didn't even know him yet.
*cookies are so much better in the dough form.
*we will look like victoria secret models, even if that does mean no more cookie dough.
*obama actually has a decent singing voice...
(although it must be said that we would prefer him as a neighbor rather than 
the president).
 *my best friend in the entire world is kelsie efron christensen bingham.
the end.


  1. i love this. and i love you both. i can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. love this/love you! especially my triple last name!!! kceb loves dcb and khc (the c stands for cera...for now...) 4 life. holla!