Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the spur bar and grill.

this past weekend was the close of the sundance film festival.
sara and i went up for a night on the town.
we barley missed kim kardashian at maggie moo's ice cream shop,
when bam! we happened to meet these guys.
they played a show at the spur bar and grill.
i can't say that i have ever been to bar previous to this experience.
it was pretty exotic.
i don't really think i dressed appropriately because i didn't see anyone else in a cardigan or tights or even oxfords. i probably stood out like a sore thumb.
but we did order diet cokes from the bar...on the house!
and we spent the night dancing away to jazz music. 
best part of the evening goes to this:
after having developed a crush on the bass guitarist he asked for my phone number and we now have future plans to eat matilda chocolate cake here.
there is a small problem... 
the date isn't until march because he lives three states away.
oh well, it may be worth the wait and until then i'm satisfied with a small celebrity crush.

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  1. whhaaaattt?! celeb date in march?! your sundance experience beats mine for suure. you better believe i expect an update come march.