Saturday, February 4, 2012


(the little dot up in the sky is our wishing lantern..make a wish)
when i first saw the movie tangled i cried.
i fell in love with love, and with wishing lanterns.
last night was spent up in salt lake, and every time i'm there i ask myself a zillion times why i live in provo. there are so many more fun things to do up there...
like for instance:
eating dinner at ruth's diner up emigration canyon followed by:
a drive past the temple up to ensign peak where:
a wishing lantern was written on and let go over the salt lake valley.
so here is how i rate my evenening:
10 stars out of 10.
(but there where probably millions of stars in the sky last night...
with a special one created by us).


  1. Tangled is an awesome disney movie! One of my top two favourites!
    How do you make those lanterns?? I have wanted to make one of these since watching the movie!

  2. this blog takes on a whole new meaning to me now... haha.
    i want to do all of this!