Monday, February 6, 2012

happy birthday kid sis.

this is here is my kid sister. and today is her 14th birthday.
fourteen. seriously? 
despite the 9ish year age gap she happens to be one of my best friends.
she is the one person who loves justin bieber more than me.
(we have an inside joke about the word shawty. just ask.)
she is the most kind person you will ever meet,
and she can dance a billion times better than i can.
i love talking to her about life. 
in fact just today she was telling me all about how stressful her life was,
and i had to tease her because she didn't win her case...
but it did make me smile because it made me remember back when i was her age.
oh how i wish life was that kind of stressful again.
anyways mo mo, i love you infinity and beyond.

happy dang birthday.

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