Tuesday, February 14, 2012


so for the spirit of valentines day my family and i decided to be crafty and make "love" block letters (from scratch).
i think that i speak for all of us when i say: if we knew how difficult it would have been we probably would have just ran to the store to buy the blocks.
butttt... (as in but),
i would never trade the memories of
five girls in the garage with
saws, sanders, sawdust everywhere and of course diet cokes
laughing til our cheeks hurt,
for anything.
and that i think is what love is all about.


  1. Girls Can do anything guys can do! Such a fun day... filled with lots of laughter and love!

  2. You girls are brave! I love that you made them yourselves! You are so talented!

  3. That was TONS of fun! I love spending time with you guys =) I wish it was more often.