Monday, February 20, 2012

a miracle has occurred.

who goes to the car wash and walks away with their car totaled?
me. i do.
soooo i went to the gym,
pulled into the gas station to get my diet coke reward
and noticed my car was looking a little worn and torn.
 natrually i paid for a car wash and went to wait in line.
i parked behind a man in a big construction truck pulled out my ipod when
he backed up right into me. 
accordioned the front of my car.
no one wants to call the cops in their sweaty gym clothes but it also has it's perks.
 you see this new little beauty.
meet my new car.
it was a huge upgrade lets be honest my old car didn't even have radio...
a radio.
i used to drive in silence.
welllll not anymore.

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