Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a picnic in february.

my friend marcus and i had a picnic at the state capitol.
we went to the new harmons grocery store in downtown slc and almost never left.
it was really that cool.
go go go if you don't believe me.
we took the necessities.
a roast chicken, soda pop shop, macaroni salad and only the blue tootsie rolls.
we had to make a toast for love, because right now we both are kind of lacking in it.
seriously almost everyone i know is married/engaged/settled(ing) down.
so lucky for me to still have a few friends who can relate.
lucky as in, they make me laugh because they say quotes like
"i want to burn down the hospital. why? so no one can heal."
blast the future. where the heck are you?


  1. isn't the new harmons so beautiful?
    love it.

  2. i love how often you go on picnics. if ever we meet in real life we should probably go on one.

  3. Maybe the reason you two are single is beacuse you are meant for eachother :) seriously though. So cute!

  4. Hahah well sadly that is impossible. Marcus just remember Christmas eve is better than christmas day! Haha or you could just take my word for it :)

  5. ha yes i don't quite get the concept but ill trust you! ps i like this ally girl and the way she thinks ;)