Thursday, February 23, 2012

worry wart.

tomorrow is possibly one of the biggest days ever.
it all comes down to 8:45 am.
i have an interview for a very important teaching internship.
i will walk into a room with every principal and intern coach looking at me,
they give my a list of questions,
and then i have ten minutes to prove that they should pick me.
choose me.
talk about an incredible amount of pressure.
it's stiff competition.

i was once told, when you stress or worry about something
break it down into the best and worst case scenarios....
and usually the very worst case scenario won't happen.
but even if it does you have already thought about it so it won't be that bad so here it goes:

best case scenario: i get the internship and i start being a teacher next fall.
worst case scenario: i don't get the internship, i have to find a summer job, go to school next fall, and become a student teacher. i could also possibly die from disappointment and end up rotting in a grave somewhere where no one would find me. and then my face would probably end up on a milk carton.

well here goes nothing,
my heart is already beating so fast and my hands are clammy from sweat.
at least i know not to wear the color gray if you catch my drift.
until then, i plan on sitting in a bubble bath until my fingers and toes have turned into shriveled prunes.

1 comment:

  1. I NEVER had a doubt in the world that you would get your internship Kylie. That's just how amazing you are!!! Knock em' dead girl!! You are destined for amazing things. Much love to you my sweet lil' niece.