Sunday, March 11, 2012

here is what my weekend looked like.

1. i finally can drive around with my windows down without catching pneumonia.
2. a blt with avocado that was eaten here with some people that i love.
3. a game of bowling.
4. my family waiting at the airport what an exciting day.
5. welcome home elder jenkins!
6. one of my favorite cousins returning from his two years spent in russia.

(things not pictured above:
...yet still worth mentioning...
 a sacrament talk that was given in which i was inspired, tales of the past two years in which some tears were shed, realizing that lips can bruise when hit with a car door hard enough..yes bruise, the peery hotel room that was haunted, a blind date that i am actually excited for, a free twelve pack of diet cola, and the best part is tomorrow i am off to the land of anaheim california where i will soon be seeing mickey mouse. 
bon voyage).


  1. that boy that i happen to like alot right now just had a friend return home from his mission to russia too! bet he knows your cousin! bahhh have soo much fun in disneyland!

  2. i need to hear about this blind date...

  3. I can't WAIT for the blind date!!! You can thank me =) for that.