Sunday, March 18, 2012

the happiest place on earth.

  (new memories)
(tower of terror. coolest family front and center)
(just minding my own business walking down the street with donald. hello friends.)
(the jungle cruise and the "crummy" jokes about cookies)
(lunch as promised at the blue bayou.)
(my dad tells me i drive just like mr. toad.. on his wild ride!)
(this girl with her favorite princess..)
(...and my new favorite ride)

disneyland tips (from my own personal experience):
1. stay at the candycane inn. its backyard is literally the tower or terror plus they have a shuttle to the park and plus they have complimentary miniature candycanes on the shuttle.
2. go the first night with your two best friends. laugh to keep yourself from throwing up, while on the teacups, and point to the two brightest stars in the sky while saying, "second star to the right and straight on to neverland."
3. make reservations for the blue bayou. lanterns, crickets chirping, monte cristo sandwiches, and watching people ride by on boats headed on their way to pirates of the caribbean makes for a great meal. all i can picture is a certain wedding of mine (far future) looking something similar to this. maybe minus the boats filled with strangers.
4. go during spring break. although you may be taking summer classes, you still need a break. 
5.  sing zip a dee doo dah at the top of your lungs and mean it. feel free to dance in the streets and look like a lunatic. everyone does it.
6. diet coke although by itself is absolutely delicious, in disneyland is ten times better. i promise. i think there is an added ingredient that mcdonalds is missing. drink plenty of this. it will give you extra energy. also just breathe in the air. it smells real nice.
7.  the firework show is the best ever. hands down. i'll thumb war you if you say otherwise. it starts off with a song about wishes, and then all the disney characters start telling their wishes "...i wish i was a real boy...genie i wish for your freedom...i wish my prince would come...i wish i was a part of their world... ect."  the castle then lights up, fireworks everywhere and it leaves you with goose pimples and watery eyes. oh and they happen to have my favorite fireworks..grandmother willow fireworks, or the ones that leave trails in the sky. awesome.
8. eat a mickey mouse ice cream sandwich.
9. and another one.
10. and another one.
11. sit in the front row of screaming over california,
the back row for splash mountain (if its chilly)
far left hand side of indiana jones,
the right hand side of thunder mountain (or you'll get squished)
and just be sure to go on peter pan.
12. make wishes for love in snow white's wishing well next the the castle..
13. take a picture with ariel. she is just so pretty.
14. have the time of your life and promise to come back soon.

oh and future note to self: take a picture of the castle. 


  1. you think the firework show is amazing? please tell me you saw the world of color show in california advenure. it's unreal. i may or may not have wanted to cry during it. gosh i love disneyland & i love that you got to spend your week there.

  2. so. jealous. miss you ky!