Monday, March 19, 2012

madame tussauds.

hollywood. i have been several times. i once saw the premiere of memoirs of a geisha, although i didn't recognize any of the stars because they were asian. i once hiked to the hollywood sign with my two kindred spirits...a three mile hike in the heat. we kept crossing our fingers that there was going to be a lemonade stand at the top, but to our dismay all we saw was a chain linked fence and the back of the sign. nothing spiffy. i did however get to cross it off my bucket list. this past weekend my family decided to go to madame toussauds, the wax museum. i was skeptical at first but turns out robert pattinson and i look positively perfect together. who knew?


  1. As long as you stick with Robert Pat and I stick with Zachary Effffron... then we may have met our perfect matches.

  2. Oh Kylie, you are WAY to amazing for Robert!!