Tuesday, June 5, 2012

snow-cones and bonfires.

i have said it once, i have said it a million times, 
the best snow-cone shack is in spanish fork.
it has its own island of palm trees surrounding it. with twinkle lights.
bam. take that snowasis. (inside joke).
i know other people have their own opinions which is why i am dedicating this summer to finding the ultimate best snow-cone. i'll let you know what i discover.
snowie's are the perfect summer treat.
this past weekend i played five hours of volleyball. couldn't stop, even after my arms were pink and swollen, and every time i hit the ball my arms would sting. 
if you were wondering, i still can't serve it over-handed.
i think i am doomed when it comes to sports.
i will never be one of those girls who will impress a boy with a sporty ability.
i can however pack a picnic that is enough to knock your socks off,
rap almost as good as nicki manaj,
and build a rockin fort.

come to think of it, i really should practice that over-hand serve.

1 comment:

  1. you.are.so.pretty.
    i will never be that girl either, my sporty ability is sort of non-existant.