Thursday, June 7, 2012

tennis thursday.

so in high school i may or may not have been on the tennis team.
my friend rachel rawle and i played doubles.
we called ourselves kychel raws.
"make your hand like pasta, to make the ball go fasta."
this one particular match is burned into my brain, it was against springville.
their mascot was the devils, and this is probably why:
we were playing against these blonde twins and one of them happened to hit the ball straight into my face and they started laughing. 
now i don't get mad, i get even. and we ended up winning the match to say the least. 
i still am no fan of the blonde twins from springville.
after high school, i stopped playing as much.
don't ask me why. i guess my time was filled with other stuff.
lameo. time to fix that because,
tonight the flame has been rekindled. the fire is burning.
game. set. match.


  1. i dream of being good at tennis. keyword: dream

  2. kylie...... you are the cutest writer. i love your blog posts. they make me so happy.
    i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you. you're so beautiful!