Sunday, November 25, 2012

thankful for a thanksgiving getaway.

basically i had the best week. 
it was one of those weeks that goes by in the blink of an eye.
one second your having the time of your life and the next your back to reality.
we went up to citrus heights for thanksgiving. took the train. 
if i told you how long the train ride was you would judge and say it wasn't worth it.
14 hours.
both ways. 
but let me tell you, it was infinity times better it sounds.
it was even better than 500 days of summer portrayed it to be.
anyways we spent the week with family.
not my family, but family that made me feel like family.
we ate 15 pies and watched the first season of pretty little liars.
we stayed up until 5 in the morning trying to figure out who a is.
but it was to no avail. apparently you don't find out until season three.
please no hints. i suspect mona.
we went black friday shopping and went to the cutest town around.
 we watched as they lit the christmas lights and ate amaretto fudge.
which coincidentally gave us liquor breath.
inside joke. 
the best part of the trip was grandma odie,
"gumbo gumbo in the pot."
also an inside joke.
oh how i will miss that woman. 

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  1. i'm dying over these pictures. when i saw that second picture, 500 days instantly popped into my head. also, i want deets on this boy!!