Tuesday, December 18, 2012

twelve things in the twelfth month.

* my first kissing picture on the blog...ironically is with the same boy as my first kissing picture ever taken (which was taken 6 years ago).... ironically also taken at temple square.
* i happened to see a christmas carol at hale center theater. after a slight mishap of buying tickets to the theater at west valley and showing up to the theater in orem i was a slight scrooge. luckily we were still able to be seated. oh and did i mention it saved us 23 dollars because orem is cheaper? god bless us, everyone!
* although i may not know how to make french toast i can whip up a batch of christmas toffee.
* playing wii u games has now turned me into a gamer. me. of. all. people. i just love the candy game.
* i have realized my love for lord of the rings will never die. when i was younger (ok in high school) my entire ceiling was covered in lotr posters. my mom said i couldn't hang them on my walls. it was pretty awesome. one of my finest creations. now all that is left is push pin holes sadly. after seeing the hobbit it only increased my love for middle earth. and peter jackson. i'll stop now. oh i can't.
* winter brings two of my favorite things. reading and sitting on a heater. maybe one day i'll have a fire place.
* i did sat on santa's lap. he gave me a roll of tootsie rolls and a church cd. smiley face.
* i am going to star valley in approximately 68 hours for my long a waited christmas break. only to be spent with the people i love most.
* i recently learned how to ice skate backwards. this has taken me years in the making.
* fate as you would have it has come and confirmed great things to me. i have realized that god really does know me better than i know myself. sometimes i wish i could go back and shake my old self and say better things are in store, blessings are going to shower on you.
* i still hate waking up at 6 in the morning. it is something i will never get used to.
* after watching the horrible events that have occurred in connecticut i have had the chance to reflect on my own teaching experiences. my students have expressed their own fears. nightmares about them getting hurt or me getting shot. i can't watch the news. it's too sad. i do however know that a love of a teacher goes deep. the love of a parent even deeper. i will continue to pray for those who were hurt. 

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