Friday, November 22, 2013

June 26th.

(warning: picture overload)

as a little girl you can't help dream of your wedding day. i know i always did. but if someone would have told me of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, maybe we would have just eloped to the temple, skipping a reception and all. no. not really. we had everything we dreamed of. with the help of my mother. she deserves a shout out from the president with all the time she spent helping.
we were sealed for time and all eternity in the salt lake temple.
the temple in which my parents were also married. 
i mean who doesn't want to get married there it looks like a castle right?
anyways we had our reception at the american fork amphitheater.
i prayed for days that it wouldn't rain because we had no other back up plan.
we were blessed with the most beautiful day.
our theme was vintage.
our colors were burnt orange, robin egg blue and cream.
our song was louis armstrong: la vie en rose
daddy daughter was city and colour: the girl
mother and son was the beatles: in my life

i loved all the personal touches we put into our reception.
each table was decorated differently and labeled with a date that was significant to the two of us.
dessert was our favorite homemade dishes by the ones we love.
our engagement video (still to come) was shown as everyone sat on the steps.
dancing is my favorite. especially if one plays shots by lmfao. yes. we. did.

one of my favorite parts was the generations dance. 
all married couples called to the dance floor.
as the music played the couples were excused from the floor based on length of marriage.
the last couple left dancing was my great grandparents.
65 plus years of marriage.
we switched partners and they told us secrets about creating a marriage that lasts.
it takes work, and a lot of laughter.
shy guy i can't wait to grow old with you.

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