Sunday, November 3, 2013

The (slightly) New Mr. and Mrs. Bischof

i know this has been a long time coming...
we have been married for four months now...and the blog doesn't even show that we are engaged. 
well here is to cramming in the last six months..

shyler and i met 7 years ago in mr. clark's math class.
so we have 7 years of history, which would probably take 7 years to write.
i will just say that heavenly father works in mysterious ways.
we have been friends through many ups and downs until one night our friendship changed.

we were at the library park when he told me that he loved me.
we hadn't kissed yet, we hadn't even held hands,
but he told me that he had been in love with me for 5 years.
and something changed. it's something that words can't really describe.
a moment that will go down in the history books. 

...needless to say ten months later we were engaged.
we went on a bike ride to our secret garden.
he had a picnic set up that would put the bachelor to shame.
with nat king cole playing on a record machine.
we made wishes on pennies that we tossed in the river.
i asked him what he wished for when he got down on one knee.
he told me he had always wished to marry me.
sometimes wishes do come true.
mine did.

(more to come on the wedding.....)

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  1. you blogged again!??! HAPPY DAY. and i am obsessed with that picture. time to keep the updatin' a'comin. it's been too long and after reading some of your previous posts, i am pretty sure you are still the funniest person i know. lets go celebrate your belated birthday!!