Wednesday, January 28, 2015

new born shots. as in photos.

we took harper to get her pictures taken. i made sure to feed her full so she would sleep during our session but the second we got there... bing! her eyes were wide open. luckily our photographer was a pro at snuggling the baby into a sleep and luckily she wasn't too afraid of poop. the minute we took off her diaper she happened to have a little accident all over the floor, and her mama for that matter. any ideas on breaking that habit? it seems to be one that we have developed here. but oh i love how these pictures turned out. especially the ones with her daddy. i love watching those two, there is nothing quite like it. 


  1. Tell your grandma thank you from me - so glad you're blogging after a century and a half.

    Also, Harper is perfect.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful Kylie, precious and beautiful.