Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the great gatsby.

our friend kaila was turning 24 so everyone decided to throw her a roaring 1920's party. 
we spent the entire day setting up shop. my mom said it was a lot of work for one dang party, but really there are no lengths the bischof's won't take to have a great party. i think party planning is our middle name.
we had to pour the martinellies just like in the movie... and it actually worked with little spillage on the table...
we had a bunch of tables with different poker games and yummy fruity chewy candies for the poker chips. i think it is probably a good thing that real gambling is frowned upon, because when i won 150 fruities while playing russian roulette it was a litte hard not to get too cocky if you know what i mean. too bad i lost a bunch later while playing black jack...
setting up all the games. yes that is a homemade russian roulette. 
i think part of my favorite part of the night was dancing to shots. i mean i love that song so much i played it at my wedding (sorry grandma haws).
although i actually never read the great gatsby, i think i would have made a pretty good flapper girl.

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